You can access channel store through your Roku streaming device.

Roku is one of the most illustrious streaming devices in the world today. Facing a stiff competition from the likes of Google and Apple, Roku has able to make its own special place in the streaming industry.

With an easy access to a boatload amount of channels, Roku is undoubtedly the number one choice for the entertainment seekers. The association of the company with various top channels like HBO Go, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and many more has given a new dimension to the company’s ability to showcase high quality digital content. code setup process:

  • Go to and enter the Roku code on it
  • You can use computer system or a laptop with the internet connection
  • Your system should have the good internet strength
  • If you have the Roku account then log in or if do not have Roku account then create a new Roku account.
  • Provide user information and verify the email and complete the process
  • Now select a payment method and provide valid credit card details for account activation
  • In case of PayPal payment, you can provide your PayPal account details
  • Afterward, there is also need to create a Roku transaction PIN. It is necessary for authorized transaction.
  • After linking process, you will get a congratulation message and your Roku will ready to use
  • Add channels from Roku channel store and enjoy your streaming with Roku streaming player
  • You can access channel store through your Roku streaming device
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